Stage is an iPad app that is free but that costs 1.99 to add video recording (and uploading, etc.). It is a simple and clean interface (although defaulting to the iPad’s camera as the background was both disconcerting and misleading; I wasn’t sure if it was a flipping / white board app at that point) with two simple icons at upper right and an collapsing arrow at the top of both sides. These arrows are the two tool menus (the image / space below is a screen shot of the Stage screen; note the arrow below that indicates this).

Untitled copy

The left arrow opens the background and pen menu: pretty standard stuff. Not a lot of options for backgrounds: white, black, photo, or camera, but that’s fine by me; sometimes too many choices is unnecessary and distracting, though perhaps a neutral would be a nice third color option (the throwback chalk board green seems a popular one). There are five colors for the pen with three weights each, an eraser tool, and a pointer tool.

IMG_0726 copy

The right menu is the intriguing one, and Stage’s potentially unique feature. It is a series of labels, much like the stickers used by lawyers to indicate where to sign a document. Some come premade but you can add your own, which is a nice touch. I do wish there were some flexibility in them, i.e. they could be rotated, but it’s an interesting idea.

IMG_0727 copy

You’ll note that in neither menu is there a slide button. It seems (and this may change with the record option purchased) that Stage functions like a straight blackboard, i.e. you have one surface that you use and reuse (fill, erase, fill again, etc.) rather than the likely more customary slide structure, which allows previous notes to be preserved, even if not recorded (think PowerPoint).

Overall, Stage is probably not quite enough of anything to be a go-to or a first attempt at flipping. It has some nice features, the labels especially, but the in-app video purchase feels a bit like a bait-and-switch and the lack of a slide structure is something I miss.