Received this email from Brad Sparks, founder of SubmitBox (who is very responsive, by the way), and with his permission I reprint it here as an update on where SubmitBox is and where it is going.

Hello SubmitBox Beta Users,

Well, my summer break is almost over.  Faculty meetings start on Friday for me.  I know many of you have already started, and I wish you all a successful and productive school year.

New Features: 

This summer I added a ton of new features to SubmitBox.  Here’s a run down:

  • I’ve added SSL encryption to all of your sites. When you visit your site, you”ll notice the address is preceded by https rather than http now.  This will give your sites more security from possible prying eyes.
  • An improved student upload interface including the ability to drag and drop files onto an assignments page.
  • A clone assignment feature so you can add an assignment to multiple classes.
  • A class reset, that allows you to start a class over again.
  • The ability to import students via a CSV files.
  • The ability to import grades for assignments via CSV. (PowerSchool imports are the only ones supported right now.)
  • The ability to deactivate a class that you aren’t teaching at the moment.
  • The ability to hide/show & delete multiple selected assignments and students

Several user interface improvements were made as well along with some “under the hood” optimizations.

SubmitBox is still in beta. If you have a problem or find a bug, please click on the support link in the upper right corner of your dashboard or email me at and describe what the problem is for me.

Get in while the gettin’s good

SubmitBox will be coming out of beta and become a paid application in the next couple months.  All beta users (that’s you guys) will be getting a huge lifetime discount, something around $1 per month, no joke.  Get the word out to your colleagues that you feel could benefit from SubmitBox to sign up ASAP so they can get this lifetime discount themselves.

School accounts coming soon

I’ve begun work on a school version of SubmitBox.  I’m hoping to have it ready some time in October.  I’ll send out a notification when I’m ready to have schools start using it.

Keep educating well and efficiently,

Brad Sparks
Founder of SubmitBox