My goal was to embed my class calendar into my CMS page and iCloud wouldn’t let me do that, so this year I’m migrating to GoogleCalendar, and have already embedded the calendar into my CMS page (and it looks great). I summarize here some tips I picked up researching embedding a GoogleCalendar.

  1. Begin at ‘Calendar Settings’. Hover over the arrow to the right of a specific calendar and ‘Calendar Settings’ will show up there.
  2. From the ‘Calendar Settings’ screen, click on the ‘Share this Calendar’ button at the top. On that screen, make your calendar public (you can also share with specific people via email). Without adjusting this setting, events won’t be seen in your embedded calendar.
  3. Go back to the original ‘Calendar Settings’ screen by clicking on the ‘Calendar Details’ tab.
  4. 3/4s of the way down this ‘Calendar Details’ page is a section entitled ‘Embed This Calendar’. In the box next to the image is the basic embed code. To embed your calendar in its simplest form, copy this code and paste it into your website (or CMS, etc.).
  5. But you can customize your calendar in terms of adding other calendars, changing the day on which a week begins, changing the default view of your calendar, etc.
  6. To customize your calendar, click on the ‘Customize the color, size, and other options’ button above the embed code. You’ll see this screen (which is pretty self-explanatory) reproduced at the bottom and I’ll go through the sections.
  7. You can give your Calendar a Title (I did not do this because ItsLearning has a title built in to its space).
  8. The Default View determines how your calendar is viewed when embedded. I changed mine to Week to give students an overview of the week’s work.
  9. The width and height change the size of the calendar but my CMS provided a fixed space so I did not change these.
  10. Week Starts On changes the day on which the week begins. You can’t choose every day, but Sunday, Monday, Saturday are the choices. I chose Monday because Monday through Friday fit perfectly in the window on my CMS (beginning on Sunday meant that Sunday through Thursday were visible and the student would have to scroll to see Friday).
  11. Language and Background Color are pretty self-explanatory.
  12. Calendars to Display lets you add other calendars to the embedded calendar. I wanted to include the school letter days in my embedded calendar, so I checked the box next to School (you can’t see all of the calendars in the screen shot; and, yes, I enter the letter days by hand (strangely therapeutic)).

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 8.25.59 AM

So there are some tips on embedding a GoogleCalendar. I’m pleased with the result so far but, of course, no students yet. That’s the real test. Next time, GoogleCalendar on the iPhone.