This year I have committed fully to Doceri. On the heals of last year and my experience with Splashtop, Doceri, and the Eno Board / Pen, Doceri is the most reliable and the most efficient way to give and share student notes.

Here are the advantages of Doceri:

  • consistent connection – the qr code on the home screen when Doceri Desktop opens has never not worked and connects almost instantaneously; I have had consistent difficulty with Splashtop’s and the Eno board connection
  • single file export – the notes made on Doceri are exported as a single, multi-page .pdf; the Eno board exports each screen as a separate file

The only disadvantage to Doceri is that the computer control is not quite as precise as I would like (and the one area where Splashtop exceeds Doceri) but that is minor compared to the two advantages above, which for me were the two biggest time wasters when trying to give digital notes and share them.

So I’m all in with Doceri, and have given and shared more notes in the first month or so than perahsp all of second semester last year.