Saw a post about an interactive map of Odysseus’ journey. Pretty cool (though the art was less impressive than I would have liked). I used ScreenFlow to capture the interactivity of the map and posted it to YouTube:

When I was searching for a link for the source of the map (trying to find a shorter one than the one above the map itself), I stumbled upon other interactive maps of the Odyssey, one of which was made at a site called Map Tales:

Easily Create and Share Map-Based Stories…and embed them into your website for free. Journalists, teachers, bloggers and storytellers (to name a few) use Map Tales to chronicle news events, scrapbook holidays, describe walks, plan campaigns, illustrate literature, recount journeys, and bring historical events to life.

I’ve included a screenshot below but it seems an interesting tool to use with texts. And, bonus, it seems that it can be used without creating an account. Definitely worth exploring.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 5.50.16 PM