I’m not sure how innovative is; it seems like one of those should-have-though-of-this-already approaches, but I didn’t so here it is.

I’m here at the Google for Educators Boot Camp in Burlington as part of the GoogleSummit and we’re starting with GoogleDocs. I’m not a big fan of GoogleDocs (I know; it’s Drive now) largely because of the overwhelming nature of its linear organization. And I already have all sorts of folders made on my computer and don’t necessarily want to replicate those on Drive. But I’m here with an open mind.

In any case, we started with a get-to-know-your-table about innovation. We thought for a minute or two, then shared with our table. We then used a GoogleDoc to share with the the group. And rather than opening a blank document and letting everyone have at it, the instructor used a table to organize the notes. So there’s a nice, organized table with each table having a row (note computer / word processing tables vs. physical tables) and each row having a nice, short summary of what each group came up with. (The doc has become a bit more unwieldy has we are shown new features; the graphics are part of the research tools.)

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 9.29.36 AM

I can see this working well with group work in English for sharing theses, interpretations, etc., but also in Latin for sharing translations, vocab, grammar thoughts, etc.