At the end of yesterday’s session, our ‘HW’ was to create a question in a GoogleForm about our work yesterday. Today we kicked off ‘class’ by taking the quiz that we made, with a question from each participant on a shared GoogleForm. The quiz was graded with Flubaroo and our results were emailed to us. It occurred to me that the group quiz model has some potential for class, i.e. an assignment culminating in, whether small groups or individual students, each group submitting a question (or however many you want) and then the class taking that quiz as a whole.

I can see this working especially well for student presentations. I’m always conflicted when students present about how to handle the rest of the students. I want them to pay attention and be invested in their classmate’s presentation but I also know that if I follow the quiz-on-the-presentation model, the class becomes very mercenary-like, hunting exclusively for the information. Having each presenter create five questions (or however many) on a shared GoogleForm might mitigate the mercenary-nature (an easy format always accessible, as opposed to the traditional handout model) but also allow some sort of accountability. My Medieval Lit Arthur research presentations are coming up; that might the perfect place to try this out (especially if they post their presentations online).