Was at senior show (kind of a senior skit show / comedy show whose humor varies year to year; not bad this year) tonight and saw an alum from last year when I piloted the blended class (albeit with a class that was very difficult to manage). This particular student was about average for the group: certainly not an angel in class but not a ringleader either with a solid work ethic and solid skills. We talked for a few minutes about school and he commented that our class was ‘just like a college class’. At first I thought he meant a college class as we at Wayland use the term, i.e. a lower level class, i.e. how funny it was that the class was so out of control. What he meant, though (thankfully), was that his classes in college function just like our class, i.e. what we did in his class, especially with the blended approach, prepared him for how his college courses would function. And that of course was exactly the point of the blended experiment, to introduce to students the time management skills they would need in college in a more controlled and overseen environment than college. I’m glad to hear it (might have) worked. Thanks, JD.