I just launched blogging with one of my classes today, walking them through the sign up and (parts of the) design process, and then I see this on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 10.23.27 AMSeems like / sounds like a cool idea but maybe not quite as cool as it sounds. (Or at least not quite as efficient as it sounds.) It’s Evernote-powered, so your blog is linked to your Evernote account from which you can publish directly. A cool feature indeed but unfortunately our students are not (yet) Evernote-savvy enough to make it worthwhile. They also plug Evernote’s syncing / ease of accessibility (on devices) as an advantage but of course many blogging platforms (like this one, WordPress) have apps that allow the same thing. I imagine they’re not quite as powerful as Evernote but they certainly work for me. And finally, a quibble I realize, but if the blog addresses will included postach.io, it seems a bit cumbersome for any kind of verbal marketing (i.e. you’ll likely have to spell that out).

Nonetheless, and interesting pairing and one that has potential especially as Evernote expands and becomes more common among at least our students.

Here’s the site and there’s a video there that gives a brief overview.