I’ve launched the blogs + IFTTT initiative but spent a good amount of class time helping with the techincal side of things, which was a good decision, if it in effect took a class (albeit a shortened one) to cover. There were more technical issues than I expected and dealing with them in class seems a worthwhile use of time to avoid dealing with them in the future.

In any case, there have been no official assignments, but some students from my last period class have already tested it out and it has worked well. I’ve included a screen shot of the emails below (I left out the names for privacy’s sake).

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 9.30.48 PMPretty cool, and this is exactly what I want. I realize that some people might be horrified by such a full inbox, but they will all just go into my grade folder (and I think at least that it’s easier to deal with filing an email and reading in that email later than tracking down a blog address and going there to read).

So far so good.