Tom Stritikus, Gates Foundation

  • 95% of hs students say they want a college degree
  • 14% of black students graduate college or career ready
  • three ideas will transform education: high standards for all students, effective teaching, personalized learning
  • care about the technological infrastructure to bring PL to life in a classroom and to scale in a system
  • scale is essential: not enough to create programs that only impact a few students; Gates wants all students to experience high quality learning studies
  • a data-driven organization

Dallas Dance, Superintendent Baltimore County Public Schools [not Baltimore City]

  • “Creating a culture of deliberate excellence for every student, every school, every community.” – Blueprint 2.0
  • Globally Competitive Graduates: To equip every student with the critical 21st century skills needed to be globally competitive, BCPS must ensure that every school has an equitable, effective digital learning environment, and eveyr student has equitable access..
  • Focusing on every student: close the achievement gap, etc.
  • Bluepoint 2.0 focuses on equity
  • “Until there is a clear perception that the leadership sets high expectations for all students, I do not think our teachers will create an environment where all students can thrive.” – Jon Galla, Class of 2014, Hereford High School
  • the shift from equality to equity
  • equality = every kid gets the same thing
  • equity = every kid getting what they need at that moment
  • 8 conversions: curriculum, instruction, assessment, organizational development, infrastructure, policy, budget, communications
  • curriculum conversion required ‘hearts and souls’
  • “Great leaders see the need for a major change and will do whatever is necessary to make the status quo seem more dangerous than launching into the unknown” – John P. Kotter, Why Transformation Efforts Fail

Buddy ____, Superintendent of Eminence, KY Schools

  • 5 years ago, 10% of enrollment was leaving, 2 mobile devices in the whole district for students and staff
  • a map mindset does not work, i.e. he wanted to create a map for other districts to follow but realized that didn’t work
  • instead, he follows the compass mindset, focused on the goal / objective, with missteps still bringing him back to the original goal
  • a ‘Yes…And’ philosophy
  • an intersection of best practice and next practice