The groups are continuing to specialize and develop their assigned work. The Tech Crew has split into a Marketing group and a true Tech Crew, the former of whom are developing advertising posters and the latter of whom are today starting on making the masks for the show. The writing crew is finalizing the script (the English teacher especially enjoys me hearing them have discussions about scenes that work, how to develop ideas, etc.).

I’ve included some pictures below. The top one is the writing group (didn’t realized until I posted it that AG is shooting an amusing glare at me / the camera). The next is the marketing group (another glare from EZ; they were on me documenting). And then the bottom three are the Tech Crew working on the masks.

2016-05-18 12.44.06

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I continue to be impressed and pleasantly surprised by the amount of work that is being done in class. It is by no means intense; I would not describe the atmosphere as tense or stressed (yet…?). But it is consistent with few to no deviations, i.e. once I get them focused (and I do wish that they would begin without me prompting them, but I am happy to accept that as a minor blip), they work straight through class and are / seem pretty much on task the entire time, and certainly more so than they would be in a more traditional setting / approach.