We’re discussing the efficacy of final exams at school (seems we’ve been doing so for a few years now) and, since my Latin course became a bit more project-based as the year went on, I decided to try a project for the final exam rather than a more traditional exam. It took me a while to come up with something that I felt would adequately encapsulate the scope of the year but I think the idea works and, in many ways, encompasses more of the year (the full year) than the final exam would (just the second semester).

Today was the day that the games were due and, if I’m being honest, I was actually a bit overwhelmed when I entered the room. I was assaulted (in a good way) by the panoply of color and figure and 3 dimensionality that the games represented. I didn’t even know how to proceed with the class and, in retrospect, will / would have allowed for more time to play the games. I almost feel as if the time spent with the games wasn’t appropriate for the amount of work that went into them (with that said, we did spend the last week of school working on them in class, so they had plenty of class time; they did too, though, put in a good amount of time outside of class as well). So I toured the games, having each individual or group present a basic overview to me, checking off the requirements as I went. And once that was done, the class dispersed to play each other’s game. It was a fun way to end the year.