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PBL – Classical Lit Play Project – Student Open Responses to Project

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I had students choose three of four prompts for their open response assessment of the project and I will include some excerpts here. I also include the prompts above the excerpts. Prompt #1 Excerpts The play project was a success from an engagement standpoint; you all bought in more than I expected you to and, […]

PBL – Classical Lit Play Project Survey Discussion

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On Wednesday and Friday of this past week (we rotated out on Thursday), we discussed the survey results (available here). It was a pretty interesting discussion, and one in which students were eager to participate. I’ll summarize, in no particular order, some of the things that came up below. Overall, a very positive response to […]

PBL – Classical Lit Play Project Survey Results

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I administered the survey below to my Classical Lit class two classes after the performance (the class after we broke everything down). We’ve not discussed it much (had maybe 15 mins worth of discussion, which itself was interesting, so I won’t comment much on it yet. I will say, though, that it was pleasantly surprising […]

PBL – Classical Lit Play – Performances

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So the project officially, I suppose, finished today. We performed the play; no more rehearsals, retakes, rewrites, descension into giggles (ok, maybe one or two of those), squabbling, painting, etc. We performed once in school, last block, to which I invited teachers to bring their classes, and which the superintendent and principal, as well as […]

PBL – Classical Lit Play – Dress Rehearsal

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So it’s happening. In some form. But it’s happening (actually as I type this). It’s by no means perfect but it’s something resembling a play. They’ve done a good job. 

PBL – Classical Lit Play – Almost There…?

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So tomorrow is our last class before the play on Monday. I’ll say that again: tomorrow is our last class before the play on Monday. We ‘re in…ok shape. In many ways it’s come together better and more quickly than I would have expected, though Tony-worthy it is not. I’ll speak more to its real […]

PBL – Classical Lit Play – Next Steps

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The groups are continuing to specialize and develop their assigned work. The Tech Crew has split into a Marketing group and a true Tech Crew, the former of whom are developing advertising posters and the latter of whom are today starting on making the masks for the show. The writing crew is finalizing the script […]

Project Based Learning – Classical Lit Play Project

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(This will be a long one. I was hoping to write this more piecemeal but didn’t get to it, so this is about three or four entries in one.) The Genesis I’d entertained last year the idea of producing a play as a culminating project of my Classical Literature class. But the group wasn’t right […]

The Take-Where-You-Want Test: The Results of a Blended Testing Experiment

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I was testing my English classes the Tuesday before Thanksgiving but had a meeting off campus that would cause me to miss two of the three tests. I didn’t necessarily want to ask teachers to cover the classes, though they would have happily (or at least not angrily). But because of the break I didn’t […]

SubmitBox for Collecting Assignments?


I read about SubmitBox in a comment on a blog and figured I’d check it out. It basically gives you online space for your students to upload their assignments which then syncs directly to your Dropbox account. The advantage, as its demo video points out (at bottom of the home page linked above and embedded […]

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