This year, two colleagues and I have begun The Connect Program, an inter-displinary, double-block, English and history course that focuses on Project Based Learning, Community Interaction, Real-world Connection, etc. It’s been a ton of fun and a ton of work; basically all of our free time is spent planning for it (which is why I’ve not written all year). Today and tomorrow, we’re at the Innovation in Education conference in Woodstock, VT.

Scott McLeod – “The Relevance Gap: 6 Arguments for Why Schools Need to Be Different and Personalized”

  • the relevance gap: when the rate at which something develops outpaces the parallel development of something else
  • how is overwhelming emphasis on compliance expected to spark creativity or innovation?
  • question answering vs. question asking
  • making schools different:
    • higher-level thinking
    • student agency
    • authentic work
    • technology infusion
  • building-blocks for different schools
    • PBL
    • competency-based
    • 1:1
    • flexible scheduling
    • redesigned learning spaces
  • yes, but… vs. why not / how can we?